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I remember in 1984 or so when my very great friend Scott graduated with a Geology degree called me and told me he had a t-shirt company. Confused but juiced I kept and eye on his progress. OMG, it got bigger and bigger real fast! Then in 1988 the local college with the Major, went all the way to the national championship! Yes we did play in a legit national game! I jumped in at halfway season and, yes, we sold a ton of shirts! That’s when Balzout finally had what it took to build the brand and wow did they. Within 5 years or so they were one of the biggest licensed shirt companies in the world. But, during this whole time the Balzout branding team built the brand to amazing popularity. Now, a very limited selection of some of the early shirts are going to be offered. Here’s a taste. Much more coming soon! Enjoy the vintage memories..