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Top 20 Best Selling West Virginia T-Shirts Ever Ever!

These are the top selling Fastees shirts of all time and they are on sale, this weekend only! Top 20 for $10. That's the deal only till we win or lose. These shirts are so swag you'll never hate wearing it. Don't experience future regret by not buying one of these shirts today! Clinical trials have proven that your blood is actually blue till you bleed gold while wearing one of these shirts.

I'm not sure that most people can actually grasp this concept. Fastees is Fast! If you buy a single shirt or multiple shirt order and all of the shirts that you chose are marked as ships same day, they will ship the same day or the next business day if purchased on a weekend. If it ships on Monday, in WV you get it on Tues or Wed. If it ships on Tues, in WV you get it Wed or Thurs. If it ships on Wed, in WV you get it on Thurs or Fri. If it ships on Thurs, in WV you get it on Fri or Sat. Usually, unless you are in a very rural address, you get it the next day. With all that said, we are shipping on time 94%. Get a shirt today and have it for the game for sure!