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Home of the Originals! Fastees did it first! Eat Shit Pitt, West Fucking Virginia, West By God Virginia, Fear The Beard, 304, 3oh4, Old and Cold, I Bleed Blue and Gold, DubV and Duv Fuckin V and many more. I guess if they can't beat us, they all got to rip us off!

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Fastees has the most original West Virginia t shirts and the funniest Morgantown Tee Shirts around. If you're looking for a Special WV Tee, this is the place to be (that rhymed). We have Mo-Town t shirts, Football tees, Basketball t shirts and more! If you're looking for fist pumpingly awesome, hillbilly loving, High St inspired, awesome West By God Virginia t-shirts, this is the ONLY place to be. Now that the Ball Team is a hit, there are lots of imitations of our awesome WV and Morgantown tees, but you have to come to Fastees to get the original. If you're looking for WV and Morgantown tees, you HAVE to shop at Fastees.